Weight Management for Pets: Natural Solutions

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can pose a challenge for pets of just about any species, many of which have, alongside their owners, undergone a sharp decline in physical activity over the past 14 months. For dogs and cats especially, the constraints brought on by distancing or isolation measures and a more sedentary routine can aggravate existing health issues and increase susceptibility to new complications, such as those associated with obesity. As it happens, though, a problem as natural as weight gain can be met with a completely natural solution. 

Pet Obesity and Nutrition

Not for nothing is obesity considered the “Most common preventable disease in dogs” (and cats). The disease is estimated to be found among 25-30% of the general canine population and 30-35% of the general feline population, shortening life expectancy for millions of pets by months or even years and marring their senior years with a variety of debilitating, often painful ailments that are usually preventable. While recent behavioral shifts have undoubtedly done little to help matters, the basis for many of these cases likely has more to do with nutrition than it does with fitness. 

Traditional canine and feline food products, as to be expected, focus primarily on satisfying base nutritional needs such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals, but even pet supplements which are expressly designed to help pets meet any unfulfilled dietary requirements often fail to do so safely or sustainably. Increasing a pet’s micronutrient intake at the expense of their overall health, whether through exposure to toxicity brought on by flawed production processes or excess carbohydrate consumption imposed by an otherwise beneficial supplement, would seem to miss the point of “eating healthy” entirely, yet it remains an inadvertent and quite rampant repercussion of over-relying on brand name pet food products.  


DHA, the most important poly-unsaturated fatty acid, originates in ocean algae and is a key component in defending against chronic illness, playing a critical role in weight management for both animals and humans. Within a DHA-enriched body, accumulation of fat is mitigated as glucose and fructose are converted to healthy, “good” fats internally and “melt” unhealthy fats (all well in keeping with DHA’s status as “Nature’s Anti-Freeze”).

DHA also contributes to balancing metabolism; higher levels of DHA in the body have been associated with increases in basal metabolic rate, exerting a favorable impact on attempts to maintain a healthy weight even when no substantial lifestyle changes occur. Furthermore, DHA facilitates healthy circulation and reduces inflammation, thereby alleviating health and mobility issues that may have deterred physical activity and, thus, weight loss, and instilling a vitality and sense of wellness that induces pets to continue engaging in physical activity. DHA intake, perhaps not surprisingly, has also been found to be advantageous to overall cardiovascular health, remediating some of the strain imposed by years of carrying excess weight and increasing internal fortitude should future complications arise.

Given that no mammal can naturally produce DHA internally, this vital nutrient must be acquired through food. Unfortunately, the Omega-3 products currently available on the market all qualify, at best, as imperfect solutions for supplying this missing nutrition. As a result, pets have been made to needlessly weather discomfort, impairment, and (in later years) even pronounced cognitive decline–DHA acts as a critical nutrient for developing brains, helping animals maintain optimum cognitive functioning throughout every life stage–with little or no relief.

The problem is that NO available Omega-3 fish oil (or even algal oil) preserves the activity of these special metabolic enzymes. They are stripped away during the production process by the use of damaging heat. A recent breakthrough in the method to sustainably grow and harvest DHA directly from ocean algae, however, is making it easier than ever for pets to receive the most highly bioavailable DHA nutrition possible.

The SmartZYME™ Difference

SmartZYME™ by PhytoSmart is the only source of DHA nutrition available that is not extracted oil but rather fresh and wholesome Omega-3 DHA–with no artificial or synthetic additives. As an added benefit, SmartZYME™ also contains special DHA-producing metabolic enzymes which facilitate weight management in pets of all ages, regardless of breed or even current weight/physical condition, through one convenient daily serving. SmartZYME™ alone preserves the activity of the algae’s DHA-producing metabolic enzymes simply because it is produced at ambient temperatures.

Crucially, SmartZYME™ is derived from unprocessed golden ocean algae, the only source of Omega-3 DHA found in nature. The DHA content in each batch of SmartZYME™ works to enrich a pet’s diet naturally, yielding marked changes in vitality, demeanor, and overall wellness. Thanks to our sustainable and strictly controlled sterile production environment, SmartZYME™ constitutes the safest DHA supplement currently available to pet owners. Additionally, as a non-GMO and gluten-free food product, SmartZYME™ contains no ingredients* which are known to provoke allergic reactions in pets.

How It Works

Our commitment to making the vital, all-natural nourishment of Omega-3 DHA more accessible and convenient for “pet parents” extends even to meal preparation. Once thawed, no further preparation of SmartZYME™ is required prior to consumption; the contents of the package may be mixed directly into any meal/food of your choosing. Additionally, SmartZYME™ is already palatable for dogs and cats as packaged and makes for a tasty garnish to any dish.

SmartZYME™ can be integrated daily into a pet’s standard diet regardless of their particular nutritional intake or dietary regimen. No additional adjustment to nutrition or behavior is required in order for SmartZYME™ to take effect. Not bad, huh?

Learn More

Our website was designed as a resource for pet owners who are seeking a healthy, potent, and sustainable alternative to traditional pet supplements, and we invite all of our first-time visitors to explore the pages devoted to frequently-asked questions and the “Science Behind SmartZYME™” for more information about our products. Welcome to PhytoSmart! 

*SmartZYME™ contains algae, sea salt (used for brining), and vitamin C (to maintain its freshness), as well as natural flavorings.