Summer 2021 Readiness Guide for Pet Owners

Preparing Pets and Pet Owners for Summer 2021

Is Your Pet Ready for a “Normal” Summer?

Pet anxiety the world over is expected to spike with the anticipated uptick in visitors to the home and a return to more conventional travel and outdoor habits. A slew of gatherings, cookouts, and out-and-out parties during the summer months may sound like a dream come true to many of us who have been cooped up too long, but it can spell disaster for pets that have had minimal interaction with the outside world over the past year. Given that even events hosted by next-door neighbors can wreak havoc on a pet’s anxiety level, it is imperative that pet owners not take too lightly these changes in daily routine and start making preparations for what is in many ways the first “real” summer in two years.

For those who plan on making the most of each weekend this summer, here are a few recommendations that can help you ensure a pleasurable experience for pets and guests alike, without rearranging everything in (and around) your home.

“Who are These People?”

Eager as they might be to start discovering new scents, burrowing into unfamiliar pairs of shoes, and interrogating even the best-mannered dinner guests, our pets may not be quite as prepared for the resumption of “normal” outdoor routines, let alone crowded at-home social gatherings, as they appear. Alongside the anxiety provoked by our more frequent and longer absences from the home, discomfort brought on by the arrival of strange, foreign visitors (from as far away as two blocks!) is liable to afflict even the antsiest of pets over the next few months. Limiting attendance for your first few get-togethers to just a handful of close friends and family members can help your pet ease back into the swing of things and significantly reduce the likelihood of a feud developing between them and your new neighbors. Remember, just because their name isn’t on the deed doesn’t mean they won’t feel very strongly about anyone who steps through the front door and into their territory. 

Your Pet’s Least Favorite Holiday

The upcoming Fourth of July holiday and its attendant festivities promise to deliver far more of a disturbance than in years past, and as enervating as this may be for some of us humans, hours (or days) of protracted fireworks displays, yelling, and well-amplified music constitute an absolute terror for most animals, domesticated or otherwise. Even if your pet seems to have become inured to these yearly antics, additional precautions such as isolating them in a separate room (with a TV set or radio left playing at a soothing volume) would not be out of place this time around and may go a long way toward minimizing your family’s stress level as the evening progresses. Of course, if you plan on personally partaking in such celebrations, it is best to take the party outside and as far away from your pet(s) as possible, while designating a particular time and place for your noisiest and/or brightest activities. 

Beating the Summer Heat

Of course, pet owners should also be mindful of the weather-related perils that come with summer. No dog or cat is immune to oppressive heat, and now is not the time to start testing their stamina–particularly given their recent (and, in many households, ongoing) confinement indoors.

We’ve included a couple of simple tips for keeping your dog or cat cool in the section below, but we encourage all pet owners to consult more extensive resources such as those provided by BlueCross and the ASPCA before the summer heat rolls in. 

  • On the off-chance that you plan on enjoying a cold beverage this summer, any spare ice you have lying around can go a long way toward relaxing and soothing your pets. Ice cubes can quickly alleviate discomfort on paws, cool overall body temperature, and occupy your cat’s (or small dog’s) attention, while keeping them within a relatively confined area, for at least a few minutes.
  • Arranging/staging any outdoor activities that will include your pets to minimize exposure to direct sunlight and severe heat is an absolute necessity. If the early morning and late afternoon hours don’t quite fit your daily routine, you can also try segmenting your time outdoors into 10 or 15-minute intervals throughout the middle of the day (if working from home).

Even Pets Can Have a Summer Diet (Sort of)

While there may not be much pressure on terriers and Siamese cats to unveil the perfect beach body each summer, diet and nutrition nonetheless play a considerable role in seeing pets through even the most draining days of the season.

As a supplement to some of the behavioral changes and safety precautions recommended above, introducing a regular Omega-3 DHA regimen to your pet’s diet can help further temper the most severe effects of prolonged exposure to the elements and provide relief throughout the body–all via safe, natural processes. By increasing vitality, improving circulation, and even alleviating joint discomfort, a high internal DHA content (such as that provided by SmartZYME™) can better equip pets for the grueling summer days that lie ahead and reduce recovery time in the event of fatigue or other minor complications. Moreover, the enzymes contained in SmartZYME™ progressively multiply the amount of DHA in the body, meaning that pets actually yield a greater benefit from the bolstered nutritional fortitude and immune support imparted by a DHA-enriched diet with each successive month.

For more information regarding all-natural SmartZYME™ and the myriad health benefits associated with Omega-3 DHA, please feel free to consult our pages dedicated to “The Science Behind SmartZYME™” and frequently-asked questions

There you have it…PhytoSmart’s (very unofficial) guide to navigating summer 2021 as a pet owner. With a little foresight and a bit of luck, you and your family can coast into summer with a minimum of fuss and complete confidence in your pet’s health and well-being. Happy Summer!

The following link includes helpful tips on how to keep your dog(s) safe during the summer: