Introducing the New, Reformulated SmartZYME™

Presenting Our Improved, Reformulated SmartZYME™ DHA Supplement for Pets

Enjoy Improved Convenience and Clarity

ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) customers are committed pet parents who value the health, well-being, and vitality of their “fur babies”, and they asked us to make ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) better and more convenient to use. You spoke, and we listened…and then we acted to improve ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) for you and your pets. And, thanks to their (greatly appreciated) feedback and engagement with our team, we are excited to announce the following improvements to ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™):

New formulations to appeal to pets of all sizes — ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) is now available in two formulations (one for large animals weighing more than 50 pounds and one for smaller animals) to ensure that the nutritional allotments for DHA Omega-3 are specifically tailored to the requirements of each and every pet, large or small.

Easier to use — We are confident that this adjustment will please pet parents not only for the better-targeted nutrition but also for the convenience of being able to serve an entire pouch to their pet each day without having to store any unused portion.

Taste and aroma — The aroma of ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) reminded us of “lobster dinners”, but not all of our community of pets and pet parents felt likewise. So…we experimented with a variety of natural flavorings until we found the perfect ones! ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) is now flavored with garlic and lemons to better bring out its natural goodness. Bon Appetit!

Convenient Packaging — New packaging allows an entire month’s supply of ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) to fit into each pack, making storage and use much more convenient for our community of pet parents.

Thank you to all those who submitted proposed improvements to our product and provided encouragement for our process. Your support has been and remains invaluable to the ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) team, and we will continue to strive to provide pet owners with the safe, reliable products they deserve.

To let us know about your pet’s experience with ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™), please submit your feedback through one of our social media accounts or contact us directly by visiting