How Pets Understand Their Owners

We all like to think that our pets either completely understand us or don’t at all, and it is very uncommon for us to think they fall somewhere in between the two. Many dog owners assume that their dogs don’t fully understand them while many cat owners assume their feline friends understand and choose not to listen often. While there may be a lot of anecdotal evidence to support these claims, just like many other things this is not a cut and dry case but can be understood by owners and pet lovers everywhere. 

Dogs And Cats Interact Differently With Humans

Often, what people are finding now is that dogs understand quite a lot more than we had first thought, but their understanding overall isn’t as strong. Dogs are not able to comprehend when actions are accidental on the human’s end, such as accidentally bumping into them at night or dropping water on them unexpectedly. They have good memories, but it seems are more prone to mental health ailments and different effects of aging more similar to some humans. Dogs handle stress more similarly to how children do as opposed to older and more developed people. 

Interestingly, The opposite was found in cats in the sense of people’s understanding of their behavior. Since cats essentially domesticated themselves, it was safe to assume they have higher levels of understanding than dogs but since they do have that understanding training them can be more difficult if they choose not to listen. Cats can comprehend at the same levels as dogs often, putting them around the same intelligence as very young children too. Cats have better understanding and awareness of accidents, as well as ailments and the effects of aging. Since cats have a decent memory, they might try to remember an appearance as their sight fades. 

How Cats And Dogs Show Their Affections And Feelings

Although both animals have different levels of comprehension of human actions and behaviors, both dogs and cats do understand affection and care. While it is not in the same manner as humans obviously, animals like these are, by nature, able to understand compassion from their parents in nature. That is why cats and dogs will cuddle up to their owners, even in warmth. Additionally, when animals blink longer than normal it is a sign of trust. If you want your pets to trust you, you should make sure they have everything they need to be healthy and happy.

While both furry companions have their own development and issues along their journey in life, the best thing to be for them is there for them. Like any family member, you should love them and many owners do. You want to do everything to keep them at the top of their game when it comes to their health, both physical and mental. This means letting them run and play, making sure they know they are loved, and feeding them food that is healthy for them. Natural-sourced and proven healthy food helps with mental state, cholesterol, memory, vision, and a lot more, just as properly eating does for people. That is why we have tested and refined ZipZyme™ Omega to do exactly that. Body and mind health from natural foods is always the goal, but seeing how much animals love the taste is just an added bonus for us.