How different organic materials affect different animals

Recently, organic foods have been on the rise, both in animal foods and in human foods. As humans seem to be returning to natural-sourced foods, they are beginning to see some of the positive effects they have on their health, both mental and physical. While humans are only now becoming aware of the benefits, animals tend to know what healthy options can do for them. Like in nature, animals can figure out what different aspects of a meal they need, such as protein, calcium, and fatty acids. However, they also know what foods and plants will be good for their mental endurance and capacity, too.

In nature, it is not uncommon for animals to find chemical-altering substances for them to use. One such example is catnip. Proven to work on both common house cats and their big cat siblings, catnip is a naturally occurring plant that, when chewed, releases a chemical that helps cats relieve stress and anxiety (and can give owners a good laugh to their reaction). Catnip is related to herbs people use, such as mint and basil, and as a result shares a similar smell and look. In the same vein, catnip emits a chemical called nepetalactone which is also released when rubbed on the cat’s body in addition to chewing it. 

The added effect of when any cats or animals in general do this is a natural mosquito repellant. As opposed to harsh chemicals that humans use on themselves including DEET that can cause irritation, the nepetalactone is harmless save for some euphoric behavior. The chemical apparently causes pain to mosquitos if they come in contact with it, as opposed to having just an odor to drive them away. What may be organic and helpful to some can have negative effects on pests, which is a good thing for both your pet and your own overall health.

Just as catnip naturally has benefits for cats, other healthy or organic foods and plants can benefit them too. A  product like ZipZyme™ Omega is all-natural too, and with its direct supply of DHA omega 3, which helps with everything from healthy skin to improved cognition and vision too! While it may not keep mosquitos and other pests away, ZipZyme™ is the perfect addition to your pet’s daily diet to keep them active, engaged, healthy and happy. With the help of ZipZyme™mixed into their food, your cat, dog, or any other pet will be able to enjoy life how they are supposed to – healthy and vital.