Finding the Right DHA for Your Pet

Phytosmart: Omega-3 DHA Nutrition the Natural Way

Omega-3 DHA for Pets: What to Look for and What to Avoid

While the potential benefits of committing your pet to a nutrient-enriched, balanced diet remain almost limitless, it bears repeating that not every “solution” is the right solution. Nutritional supplements for dogs and cats have been flooding the market for decades, often with few or no distinguishing features beyond the name printed on the label and the number of smiling pets printed below it. Most of these substances do, in fact, contain some measure of valuable nutritional properties, but they are far too often either limited in scope and efficacy or hampered by unnatural (and potentially hazardous) production processes. Even among the numerous fish oil supplements touting real Omega-3 DHA nutrition, production processes tend to compromise the product’s safety, shelf life, and nutritional potency, depriving pet owners of what should be a truly valuable resource for protecting their “best friend’s” health. 

DHA Production and Fish Oil

Omega-3 DHA supplementation is necessary for optimum health and vitality. Neither pets nor people have the ability to produce DHA internally, leaving us all to acquire DHA nutrition from the food we eat and/or nutritional supplements. At PhytoSmart, we believe DHA nutrition should be produced naturally, with no intrusion from synthetic ingredients or chemical extraction techniques. Unfortunately, these principles generally do not apply to the manufacture of every extracted fish oil product.

Oil extraction, the foundation of the entire Omega-3 fish oil industry, is an unnatural, unreliable, and ultimately unnecessary process that not only strips the source fish of its DHA-producing metabolic enzymes but exposes the resultant substance to potentially toxic oxidation. Furthermore, the reduced DHA content found in most ocean fish caught and killed to extract the Omega-3 oil requires the manufacturer to artificially over-concentrate the amount of DHA in each batch. Extracted fish oil is also typically preserved with tocopherols (synthetic Vitamin E) to decrease the risk of damaging oxidation; however, tocopherols offer little additional antioxidant protection. DHA supplementation by means of extracted, purified, and/or over-processed finished oil products, whether sourced from fish or algae, is neither safe nor natural, The disturbance of ocean ecosystems that is inherent in the fish oil production process renders the entire venture unsustainable; an imperfect solution at best…until now —because now there is SmartZYME™!

Ocean Algae and The PhytoSmart Process

Ocean algae, such as that from which SmartZYME™ is grown, is the only source of DHA nutrition available that preserves the natural metabolic enzymes. These enzymes produce DHA in the body and are preserved because of the care we take during production. Our process contrasts with every extracted Omega-3 oil product because their processes strip away these special enzymes; we preserve the enzymes and provide a safer, longer-lasting alternative to the diminished potency of mass-marketed fish oil supplements.

SmartZYME™ is grown naturally in a sterile growing system at controlled temperatures (vs. damaging high heat needed to extract oils) and each harvest is protected against oxidation. Our system does not add synthetic antioxidants but rather uses the centuries-old method of brining before being cold-shipped directly to the consumer to ensure freshness and guard against oxidation.

Our unobtrusive, all-natural approach to cultivating each harvest of SmartZYME™ ensures the undiluted transfer of vital nutrients from source algae direct to the consumer, thereby allowing pets to enjoy the full provision of Omega-3 DHA fatty acids in each flavorful serving. In addition to being 100% non-GMO and vegan, SmartZYME™ is also absolutely grain-free, containing none of the glutens that can provoke allergic reactions.

The Natural Solution for Restoring and Maintaining Your Pets Health

PhytoSmart is and has always been committed to developing natural, sustainable pet health solutions like SmartZYME™. We continue to hold ourselves to the uncompromising standards that have allowed us to safely supply pet lovers with the most highly bioavailable DHA found in any pet food supplement currently on the market.

And each and every batch of fresh, “whole-cell” (unprocessed) SmartZYME™ DHA is grown and harvested in a sterile environment in Maine, USA.