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Fall Flea and Tick Protection

Keeping Pets Safe and Itch-Free During Flea and Tick Season For pet owners, fall is not merely the province of pumpkin spice confections and leaf-littered sidewalks. Fleas and ticks–among plenty of other, perfectly worthy pests–also happen to make their star turns during the autumn months, and while no one is sorrier to have to remind …

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Promote Cognitive Health in Your Dog with SmartZYME™ DHA Nutrition

Preserving Healthy Brain Function in Your Dog

Cognitive Health in Dogs As it is with humans, identifying signs of cognitive decline in pets is integral to ensuring proper treatment for existing symptoms and forestalling or preventing further complications. For many owners, however, this particular aspect of pet care raises additional concerns not usually found among nutrition or fitness-related matters, namely “Can I …

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