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Bring out the best
in your pet.

The safest and healthiest alternative to fish oil


We’re about to revolutionize the industry, again. And just like before, our breakthroughs keep getting better.

Introducing KRUMBLETM – the latest innovation from the folks at PhytoSmart, the makers of ZipZyme. The only one who will love KRUMBLETM more than your pet – is you!

And…Don’t forget original ZipZyme™ Omega

Award Winning

LUXlife Pet Product and Services Award 2021
ZipZyme Omega was the winner and recipient of the 2022 Global 100 Award

To bring out the best in your pet,

Feed ZipZyme™ daily for:

  • Improved cognition and immune function
  • Increased mobility, energy and vitality
  • Reduced allergic reactions
  • Elimintion of ‘hot spots’
  • Silkier, softer and shinier coat
  • Remedy illnesses

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Ready to make a change in your pet’s life?

We are what we eat! And that goes for our pets too.

ZipZyme Omega Large Animal Pack

ZipZyme™ Omega is made for animals of all sizes!

We offer two convenient options, one specifically formulated for animals weighing 50 pounds or less and one for large animals.

Vets love it, pets love it!

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Assure Your Pets The Health They Deserve


ZipZyme™ Omega maintains your pet’s health and repairs many of those bothersome issues like hot spots, itchy skin and more. It’s all possible because ZipZyme™ is a food naturally grown from ocean algae – the source of all DHA. ZipZyme™ works in the body to convert sugars to healthy DHA laden fats. ZipZyme™ is the only Omega 3 product available that preserves the activity of the algae’s special metabolic enzymes.

Feeding your furry friend ZipZyme™ Omega daily keeps them healthy.
After eating ZipZyme™, the enzymes work to produce additional sugars that convert into healthy fats naturally. This enzymatic benefit unique to ZipZyme™  is in addition to all the goodness derived from DHA for … 


ZipZyme™ Omega provides Omega 3 DHA for dogs, cats and in fact all animals.  It is the only product that preserves the active properties of these special enzymes. And ZipZyme™ is sustainably grown in our facility in Maine – in the USA. ZipZyme™ Omega is raw, fresh, and wholesome – grown from ocean algae in our sterile facility without additional processing, over concentration, or synthetic additives that are in all extracted Omega 3 oils. So to ensure that your pet does not suffer the ill effects of an Omega 3 deficiency, feed them ZipZyme™ every day. If your pet is healthy, ZipZyme™ will keep them active and vital for many years to come, but if your pet is suffering from some health condition or needs to repair their metabolism, feeding them ZipZyme™ daily will soon help to restore health and vitality! Read our ZipZyme™ Pet Stories and learn more at Why ZipZyme™.

ZipZyme™ and Phytosmart’s on-going Algal research is supported by NOAA.NOAA

Assure Your Pets The Health They Deserve

See what our pet parents are saying...

My dog is walking again...

“I must tell you the change I’ve seen in my Moppie since I started giving her ZipZyme™ Omega."

– Susan F. & Moppie

Jess & Max - The Benefits of DHA for Pets

I Got My Best Buddy Back!

“My dog Max wouldn’t even get off the couch before ZipZyme™. Now he meets me at the door and wants to go hiking again."

– Jess & Max

They Love It, And I Love It Too!

"They are growing, happy, playful and no more shedding or anxious behaviors. They love it and I love it!"

– Karen C. – Mushu & Kai

ZipZyme™ Omega by PhytoSmart

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