ZipZyme™ Omega
A "Game Changer" in
DHA Omega 3 pet nutrition.

DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid and DHA improves and prevents many chronic pet health issues. These include cognitive decline, heart disease, inflammation, asthma, arthritis, and certain cancers, just to name a few. DHA is a necessary building block for healthy brain development and optimum cognitive functioning throughout your pet’s life. It strengthens their immune response and is a tool for healthy weight management.

DHA is so important to your pet’s health that your pet is unable to achieve optimum health if this important nutrient is lacking. DHA must come from the food they eat… until now. ZipZyme™ Omega is a “game changer” in Omega 3 DHA nutrition. This wholesome food source from ocean algae provides the cleanest, safest, most highly bioavailable source of DHA. In addition, the metabolic enzymes that it contains work to produce additional DHA in the body after consumption. ZipZyme™ is so revolutionary that it is in a class by itself – not a medicine, nor a supplement in the traditional sense, but a nutritional therapeutic that provides many benefits to help your furry friend live a longer, happier and vital life.

Ocean Algae – the source of Omega 3 DHA.

Algae grows throughout the world’s oceans and is a basic food for the fish that populate the seas.  Ocean algae contains metabolic enzymes that create the DHA needed by all animals – pets and humans. The fish eat the algae, thereby ingesting these enzymes and some fish convert the eaten enzymes within algae better than others. Scientists find that salmon and mackerel (cold water fish) are the most common fish to consume the Omega 3 containing algae and thereby acquire the algae’s Omega 3 producing metabolic enzymes. This discovery became the underpinning of the Omega 3 fish oil industry.

It is important to obtain these DHA producing enzymes In a continuing and safe manner.  To do that ZipZyme™ should be your choice, not Fish Oil.  Here’s why:

Unfortunately, the process the fish oil industry uses to produce and package fish oil is seriously flawed.  To obtain the fish oil, and the DHA in the oil, the processors use heat to extract the oil. Heat above 115 F creates the potential for damaging oxidation of the molecules, completely destroys the enzymes and reduces the DHA yield in the finished product.  The molecular structure of fatty acid molecules, as well as the lack of protective enzymes, also contributes to such damaging oxidation.  This can transform the Omega 3 molecules into rancid, toxic chemicals.

PhytoSmart produces ZipZyme™ Omega from the species of ocean algae called C. cohnii. Recognizing that heat destroys the algae’s metabolic enzymes, we embarked on a 4-1/2 year development program to create a sterile growing system that would preserve the algae’s enzymatic activity without resorting to damaging heat levels.  We now continuously produce ZipZyme™ in our patented sterile bioreactor system SPAGS (Sterile Plastic Algal Growth System).

ZipZyme™ stands above all Omega 3 extracted oils that can be toxic to your pet and begin to spoil as soon as the package seal is broken. Once opened, the contents are exposed to the air and begin to oxidize – and over time becomes rancid. Once this damaging oxidation process starts there is no going back!

As none of the metabolic algal enzymes acquired exist in extracted Omega 3 fish oil products, none of the multiplicative benefits to health and vitality of Omega 3 producing enzymes can be realized.…until now.

As validated in the Guardian

The negative health consequences of Omega 3 oxidized extracted fish or algal oil are validated in the article that appeared in the UK newspaper on January 17, 2022  –

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ZipZyme™ Omega offers Omega 3 plant based DHA nutrition for pets of all sizes. It is a safe, natural, whole-cell algae Omega DHA nutrient that helps protect and repair your pet’s health. When eaten daily, ZipZyme™ Omega DHA helps support cognition and brain health, reduces allergic reactions and alleviates skin/coat issues, helps improve circulation and mobility, repairs metabolisms, and more.

ZipZyme™  is non-GMO, vegan, plant based DHA from ocean algae with active docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-producing metabolic enzymes. DHA is the missing nutrient in diets whose absence can lead to many chronic illnesses.

Our game changing process and technology

To produce ZipZyme™ Omega PhytoSmart’s Maine, USA facility begins by placing a small algal culture of C. cohnii,  in our patented bioreactor, along with a mixture of water, and nutrients.  The culture is then allowed to grow and mature.

Once matured, the biomass is harvested,  largely dewatered, then packaged into individual daily serving pouches. All of these steps are conducted at ambient temperatures. Each pouch is packaged in a special oxygen barrier film developed by NASA; the film prevents oxygen from entering and contaminating/oxidizing the contents.  The resulting individual pouches are thus safely oxygen deprived to assure ZipZyme is always fresh when opened and served.

To maintain freshness we recommend treating ZipZyme™ like an item of produce — either freezing or refrigerating the pack/pouches until you are ready to feed ZipZyme™ to your pets.

ZipZyme™ Omega delivers the most natural, bioavailable DHA nutrition directly from the source: ocean algae. It does so without all the problems found in extracted Omega 3 oil products.  And because ZipZyme™ is produced without heat the enzymatic activity remains active and intact.

These algal metabolic enzymes work to prevent the accumulation of unhealthy saturated fats that are the gateway to animal illnesses. They do so by converting glucose to healthy DHA laden fats in their bodies. The whole cell DHA nutrition offered by ZipZyme™ Omega is the safer, better solution. Feed your favorite animal friend ZipZyme™ Omega daily.

Choose ZipZyme™

All Natural

ZipZyme™ is grown from 100% all natural, non-GMO ingredients. Contains NOTHING synthetic or artificial and has no fillers.


ZipZyme™ is brined to preserve its natural freshness. ZipZyme™ is the only Omega 3 product to deliver highly bio-available DHA, complete with active DHA producing enzymes.


ZipZyme™ is sustainably-grown
Ocean Algae

Grain Free

ZipZyme™ is grain free and does not contain any of the glutens that can trigger allergic reactions.

Made in the USA - 100%

ZipZyme™ is sustainably grown and cultivated in a contaminant-free environment in Maine.

Developed Specifically for Pets
by a Team of
Scientists and Pet Lovers!

ZipZyme™ Omega adds bio-available DHA
directly to your pet’s food.

  • ZipZyme™ is grown from ocean algae that produces only Omega 3 DHA — the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. ZipZyme™ directly converts glucose to (DHA laden) healthy fats. ZipZyme™ is grown, harvested and packaged, all at ambient temperatures, preserving the special enzymes that produce the sought after DHA. 
  • ZipZyme™ is natural, whole cell DHA nutrition that uniquely preserves the active DHA producing enzymes. The enzymes work to multiply the amount of DHA, which benefits cognition, immunity, circulation, mobility, weight management and restore balance to the metabolism.
  • ZipZyme™ Omega is a fresh, wholesome food with no added synthetic or artificial ingredients. 
  • ZipZyme™ is produced in the USA, in Maine, in a sterile patented growing system.
  • The enzymes in ZipZyme™ directly convert glucose and fructose to healthy DHA laden fats.


Feed your pet game changing, safe ZipZyme™

ZipZyme™ adds nutritional value to a pet’s diet. ZipZyme™ Omega is a nutritional therapeutic developed to overcome the Omega 3 deficiency in most modern diets and is grown from ocean algae, not extracted from fish or krill.

Omega 3 DHA is among the most important nutrients for optimum health. It’s a necessary building block for cells, brain development and function, circulation, mobility, weight maintenance, and overall wellbeing. ZipZyme™ is the safest and healthiest source of Omega 3 for all companion animals.

ZipZyme™ is a 100% natural, safe, non-GMO, vegan, ocean plant-based source of Omega 3 DHA. Nothing synthetic or artificial. No fillers. No gluten. ZipZyme™ offers your pet a daily serving of Omega 3 DHA that protects and repairs your pet’s health from the inside out. 

A tasty, daily serving of ZipZyme™ added to your pet’s food is the easiest and safest way to put a spring in your pet’s step, a shine to their coat, and better health and vitality throughout their life. Your pet will love it – and your veterinarian is sure to recommend you add ZipZyme™ to their daily diet.

ZipZyme the safe alternative for cats


ZipZyme™ Omega maintains your pet’s health and repairs many of those bothersome issues like hot spots, itchy skin and more. It’s all possible because ZipZyme™ is a food naturally grown from ocean algae – the source of all DHA. And of even more importance, ZipZyme™ is the only Omega 3 product available that preserves the activity of the algae’s special metabolic enzymes.

Feeding your furry friend ZipZyme™ Omega daily keeps them healthy.
After eating ZipZyme™, the enzymes work to produce additional sugars that convert into healthy fats naturally. This enzymatic benefit is unique to ZipZyme™ Dr. Jeff Feinman, a world renowned holistic veterinarian supports the use of ZipZyme™. Learn all about it here.

Here’s what separates ZipZyme™ Omega from the rest. Fish oil products do not have these special enzymes because fish oil producers use heat to extract and process the oil — killing these specials enzymes.  Not only are ALL fish (and even algal extracted) oils missing these special enzymes, but every one of the oils are extremely prone to oxidation and potentially toxic — all within 90 days after opening the package. As soon as the contents are exposed to the air, the clock on damaging oxidation starts ticking!

It is the science that makes ZipZyme™ a true game changing product – a distinction that makes a real difference, for your pet!

the ONLY DHA product with
ACTIVE DHA producing enzymes!

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Assure Your Pets
The Health They Deserve

If your pet is healthy, ZipZyme™ will keep them active and vital for many years to come, but if your pet is suffering from some health condition or needs to repair their metabolism, feeding them ZipZyme™ daily will soon help to restore health and vitality!

We understand how important pets are to our well-being and how much comfort they give us. Every ZipZyme™ team member is a pet parent. We love our furry BFFs. It is our mission – or as we like to say, “It’s why we get up in the morning” – to make sure they are loved and feeling their best! Help us care for your pet’s health as we care for our own by mixing a serving of ZipZyme™ into their food every day.

The Omega 3 oil you are using
CAN BE toxic to your pet!

Fish oil manufacturers use heat in their production processes destroying the special enzymes that algae naturally possess, thus limiting the health benefits that might be derived from Omega 3 nutrients. The whole cell DHA nutrition offered by ZipZyme™ is the safer, better game changing solution. Any benefits to brain, heart, and metabolic health derived from Omega 3 extracted oils are therefore vastly limited compared to the whole cell DHA nutrition provided by ZipZyme™.

Toxic oxidation can begin to occur within weeks — much sooner than the date stamped on the package. The antioxidants added by manufacturers offer little added protection. Once this damaging oxidation process starts there is no going back! 

Oxidized fish oil is toxic and can poison your pet – we advise that you throw it out! Order ZipZyme Omega™, the safer game changing alternative.

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