Get Answers from Dr. Jeff Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH!

World renowned Holistic Vet and founder of Holistic Actions!
Dr. Jeff Feinman, discusses his experience using ZipZyme™.

Which pets need ZipZyme™?

  • Dogs & Puppies
  • Cats & Kittens
  • Every pet can benefit from ZipZyme™
  • Use proactively as part of a healthy balanced diet (before symptoms start) to prevent future illness and often painful health conditions
  • ​Add ZipZyme™ to your pet’s food to improve vitality & balance

What symptoms does ZipZyme™ help resolve?

  • Symptoms are external indicators of an internal health issue
  • ZipZyme™ does not mask symptoms
  • ZipZyme™ restores balance to alleviate symptoms
  • ZipZyme™ positively affects behavior, energy, appetite, and mood
  • ZipZyme™ naturally cures symptoms from the inside out

What have your patients experienced using ZipZyme™?

  • ​Vast improvements in patients’ symptoms and overall health
  • ZipZyme™ helped a paralyzed dog start to walk again
  • ​ZipZyme™ cured a dog of dementia symptoms

Why is ZipZyme™ better than extracted Omega 3 fish oils?

  • Fish oils are extracted, processed, and concentrated
  • When those oils go bad they can harm the body
  • ZipZyme™ is fresh wholesome DHA grown from algae; the source of all Omega 3 DHA for maximum bio-absorption
  • ZipZyme™ is cold shipped to your door to protect its freshness
  • The special enzymes unique to ZipZyme™ help the body produce additional DHA
  • Every extracted Omega 3 oil is heat processed and heat strips away these key enzymes
  • Fish oils are full of “filler” oils
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