Founders Story

Deena Sisitsky
Hiro Hara

Founders Deena Sisitsky & Hiro Hara

Deena has always been a firm believer in “We are what we eat” and recognizing that life expectancy is decreasing in the 21st century, she began a search to explain the decline of our public health by looking to history for the answer.

Before the 1960″s everything we consumed (foods, textiles, etc.) were “natural” and “made from scratch”. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, America became the “land of plenty” and a programmed shift was underway from “natural and made from scratch” to “processed and made for convenience”.

Deena observed that after decades of eating ultra-processed foods having too much sugar, it became clear to her that our collective health has suffered. The accumulation of too much unhealthy saturated fats, created an epidemic of
“lifestyle, modern illnesses” and the continued reduction in average life expectancies.

Drawing on her pharma background, interest in nutrition, health and lifelong love of pets, she reached out to PhytoSmart co-founder Hiro Hara. Hiro is a scientist, who grew up in a veterinary family and who understood the value of nutrients found only in fresh foods, the fresh foods that are so important to keep pets and
people active and vital throughout life.

Together they founded PhytoSmart with the mission to sustainably produce phytonutrients that are essential to pets and people. To accomplish this they decided to first focus on DHA, the most important Omega 3 fatty acid and looked to its ubiquitous source – species of algae that live deep in all the world’s oceans. Five years of research and development resulted in their patented technology to continuously grow the most sustainable, safest and most highly bioavailable form of Omega 3 DHA from the highest DHA producing algal species, Crypthecodinium cohnii.

The result of their tireless efforts is PhytoSmart’s branded ZipZyme™ Omega and its first first offering of ZipZyme™ to pet parents. ZipZyme™ is a ground breaking” innovative and potentially disruptive nutritional therapy. It is a pet”s best
bet for an active and vitally prolonged life. ZipZyme™ repairs a pet’s health from the inside out; each daily serving offers an “apple a day” preventative protection to maintain their health and vitality.

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